Go Green Sex
Go Green Sex

Did you know hearts are green not red? Happy Lovers Day to All!!!!

What better day to share with others the love and passion that is evolving during the creation of GreenSex Returning to the Garden of Eden?  Valentine's day seemed like a perfect day to launch "my soon to be complete site" with others. 

It occurred to me that many people may not even know that green is actually the color of the heart.  In ancient traditions that speak of chakras, green is the color of the heart, not red.  Plants being pure green, require no outside energy to thrive and flourish.  Unlike us humans, we were created to be dependant on outside energy sources such as food, water, clothing, mating, shelter and the list goes on.  If we lived from the heart, we would be as peaceful as the steady oak tree, still and arms open to the heavens.  Our predominant color would be green, which represents love.  So on this day, let love be that which you are!!! 

If you took the time to peruse the site, you probably noticed my book for sale or other items that peeked your interest.  Great!! I hope something spoke to your heart today and you will come back to visit again and again to post, read greenspeak or shop.   

Throughout the month of Feb. and Mar there's the PRE LAUNCH SPECIAL PRICE OF 25% OFF ALL PREORDERS ON THE BOOK,GREENSEX, RETURNING TO THE GARDEN OF EDEN.  If you would like just send me an email now requesting your order.  Any of the links on the site are already active and you may shop your hearts out today.  Treat yourself to some silky Bamboo panties(under products) and Aqua Spirit from Global Healing Center(under links, my favorites.  By purchasing something from the site you are contributing to the world by helping to share the mission and vision of creating a world where making love extends far beyond the bedroom, making love to life itself becomes your way of being. 

So much love Sweethearts!!!! Please feel free to post a comment and share your green hearts today with any of your friends or family.  Share the love, Mauri Barefoot

Welcome to Green Sex Green Speak

Congratulations on joining in  going green all the way and welcome.  This is the first of a weekly conversation about Green Sex, returning to the garden of Eden.  You are about to be introduced to a way of being green in all areas of life.  And you thought that by buying a hybrid or turning off the water faucet while brushing your teeth was what green was all about.  Green Sex is epitomizes "green".  It is life and life in it's fullest.  It is about focusing not only on the external environment, but beginning with the internal environment therefore allowing many of the external issues to resolve themselves. 

Join me each week for another edition of greensex, green speak for a featured topic, company, product, concept or idea.  From time to time look for special guests speakers!
Simple blogs are already becoming extinct, like so many of our species.  This weekly format is about expression, fully, completely without reservation, with nothing to hide.  Language is the house of being, it creates our reality, so, please do join in.  Your thoughts, impressions, comments, opinions are welcome.  This is a place to express your life force, which exemplifies that which is whole and organic.  It's the repression that goes  contrary to life.  Crops deprived of the sunlight whither and dead.  As the conversations flow, illumination nourishes our internal crops, harvesting tremendous freedom and energy. 

Green sex is about that which is life affirmative. The action of sexual intercourse is the beginning of life, isn't it?  So we are starting with the essence of green. 

I look forward to exchanging fun, intriguing, juicy and thoughtful conversations with all, to educate, inform and bring awareness about so much more than reducing the number of paper napkins used each day.

Sex and life the way it was meant to be....naturally